About Me

Hi, Im Jenni. I’m 21. And I’m from Essex. ( Please Don’t hold that last one against me)

I’m a Drama student, Livewire presenter, Badminton player and resident Techie at the University of East Anglia, currently on an extended Christmas break. Back home, I am currently a cinema worker, Guide leader and dog sitter. Oh, but did I mention, I have a cocktail of invisible, chronic illnesses (hence the extended Christmas break) which I have to deal with everyday while doing everything above.

I aim to put out  a new Youtube video every Friday and a new blog post at least once a month. This blog is going to be a bit of everything; a lot about finding my way in this strange world where I can no longer do all the things I used to be able to and the ‘fun’ I’ve had adapting my diet (I’ll be showing you a lot of successful, as well as failed recipe attempts), activities and general lifestyle; a bit of music and playlists to get you through day to day life (because I really miss radio!); and a few film reviews and cute puppy photos thrown in for good measure.

You can also find me on twitter & instagram: @1nvisibl3Girl.

Please Subscribe to my Youtube Channel 🙂


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